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taxes make me want to cry

I just filed my taxes online and am ready to cry now. Somehow I owe more than $900 to the government. Between my meager paycheck, my recent car purchase, the very high car insurance cost, and rent, I'm getting clobbered. Even though I'm pretty frugal, nay miserly, my savings have disappeared. I love hearing "it's never too early to save for retirement". Yeah right. I think I can afford to put a nickel in a jar every week for my retirement. That'll add up to $114 by the time I'm 65 -- a healthy nest-egg if you ask me.

And what's the deal with electronically filing? Why can't the government offer that service? Why do I have to go through several private companies' sites, giving out my personal information to some corporation? If the government wants my money, why don't they make it easier to collect it by having just one electronic filing service?

And don't get me started on this stupid tax code. I bet if I paid some accountant to do my taxes I'd be getting a nice return rather than paying a hefty bill. There are too many loopholes and hidden ways of keeping more of your money. Millionaires can find a way to weasel out of paying any taxes, while slobs like me have to make up the difference.

Isn't America great?