Runcible Blog

Today's Observations

  • I think there's a cult living down the street from here. The house/church on the corner is called "The Lighthouse Baptist Church". I know that only because some of the residents canvassed the neighborhood with their propaganda.
    I don't think I've ever seen adults around their house, but I always see a bunch of idyllic, somewhat Aryan kids who look like transplants from 1953 playing in the yard or standing around outside. And the weird thing is that the kids look happy. There must be something fishy going on...
  • While eating lunch at Papa Gino's today, a man in his fifties with his three little kids strategically chose the seat where he could stare at two hot high-school girls sitting in the next booth. I noticed his forbidden, devilish glances between bites of pizza.
  • I walked to the ATM to deposit my check, and it felt great! (the walk; not the deposit) A few more brisk walks like that and I'll be ready for the marathon, for sure!
  • A house on Haverhill Street has a sign on the lawn: "room for rent/share a 2 bedroom house/seeking female roommate/Call Eddie". I laughed to myself but then thought, "what a great idea!"