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Since my Ampeg 15" 100watt combo amp struggles in open spaces and sometimes during loud practices, I decided it's time to make a step up. On Friday, I bought a David Eden WT-500 250Wattx2 channel head and an Ampeg BSE-410hlf 4x10" cabinet. It's quite an upgrade. Eden amps are very highly regarded, American-made, boutique-type equipment. It'll output 500Watts (if I attached another cab) -- which should give me much more headroom and avoid any ugly distortion. This particular 4x10 cab has ports in the front for better low-end frequency response. It has more booty-shaking bottom than my current 15". Although 4x10 cabs are more versatile and should work well for me, I can always add a 2x15" or an 18" cab if I really want to move some air.

I paid much less than the new price (they're used) for the pair and probably a bit under the average used prices. I was able to talk the salesman down $130 but might've been able to go lower if I had better haggling skills. I'm sure it was a win-win though: I paid less than the sticker price, he made a commission, and Guitar Center made a profit on their highly marked-up merchandise. Unfortunately, I have to wait until Wednesday to pick up the head because of some law that requires a 7 day waiting period for newly received used equipment. I'll be camping out in front of GC Wednesday morning, waiting to snatch that amp.

  • I bought Purple Rain to broaden my Prince experience. I was still in diapers while doves were crying and Darling Nikki was grinding in her castle. So, 20 years later, I'm just discovering the artist formerly known as Prince, some symbol, and now currently known as Prince again. The album is alright, but I'm disappointed that it sounds so thin. Where's the bass, Prince? I thought he was into funky stuff, but the bass is hidden somewhere in the next room. Oh well.
  • Roger Daltrey is awesome (as is The Who, of course). I love how Pete Townshend seems like such a dorky guy, but when he's on stage, he's a crazy rockstar. That's cool.
  • I was listening to Fire by the Pointer Sisters and thinking it's a pretty good vamp. However, the song never goes anywhere. It just drags along. It's kind of funny because I'm thinking, "Ok, this is neat. Let's see where it goes." but it never gets better. (maybe funny isn't the right word) Either way, I think it would be fun to play that vamp with the band between songs or something like that.