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There You Go Again

I can't say that I remember much of Ronny Raygun (must be Alzheimer's). Lots of people hated him, and lots adored him. I can't say either way. The 80's were a wacked out time for me, mostly spent pooping in my pants, talking gibberish, and later, playing with a Michael Jackson doll...err, action figure. I was much too cool to break-dance on cardboard like my brother. Sporting a bowl haircut and too much chunk in my trunk, I think I was basically an annoying know-it-all, whiney brat back then. Not much has changed except that now I'm a skinny brat with a mohawk.

Yes, the 80's were lame. Every Hollywood movie from the period had U.S vs. Ruskie themes. The music mostly sucked. Fashions were embarrassing. Everybody was a coke head. At least, that's what I learned from video, which killed the radio star.

And through it all, there was Reagan, comforting the nation like only an ex-actor can.

Well, I realize that I have nothing to say about Reagan because I don't know anything about anything. I was thinking, however, that his body must be kind of stinky after being flown across the country for the past few days. And why would they spend so much money to cart a dead guy around? They could just parade an empty casket through D.C, and nobody would notice. At the very least, I hope he gets a discount on air fare.