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alma mater: revisited

I went to the Annual CCHS Cross Country Alumni Race (is everything capitalized?). The school has changed quite a bit. There's a whole new wing with lots of classrooms and fancy features like sound-proof practice rooms for their new music program. That would've been nice when I was there.

Unfortunately, they've gotten obsessively paranoid about security. All the doors are locked during the day, and visitors have to press a button and answer 3 questions just to get in the door: "What is your name? What is your quest? your favorite color?" I just walked in with some other people and didn't even stop at the desk to get a visitor sticker. I'm such a rebel. I was afraid the gestapo would find me wandering the halls and send me to the new prison wing that they've built -- the Russel Lacroix Memorial Dungeon.

Speaking of rebels, I noticed that since the students are wearing semi-uniforms (LL Bean shirts with the CCHS logo, but different colors), the truly rebellious kids wear their shirts with the collar flipped up! *GASP*! What is this, "Fast Times At Central Catholic"?

Anyway, I stuck out quite a bit from the masses of LL Bean conformists (and I was wearing a tie, no less!). It was a little weird. I feel bad for anyone going there who wants to be different. Sorry, kid, it's not allowed!

But on a positive note, a couple teachers actually remembered me, which was a little surprising considering my previous, cynical remarks. Don't get me wrong, I'm still cynical, but it was nice to know that some teachers make an effort to remember all their students, as difficult as that may be.

Something I've noticed is that whenever I go back and talk to teachers, it's interesting that they readily talk about things that they'd never share with current students. I don't want to say "gossip", but "inside information" about the school, teachers, whatever. I'm not sure why they aren't as forthcoming with their kids -- maybe they don't want to reveal any potential "weakness" in the high school societal structure. Who knows? But it makes for some intriguing conversation that balances out whatever cynical memories I might be recollecting at the time.