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looking for connections


These are from a recent, less than fruitful, day riding the red line. I tried to explain at my class what I'm looking for in the subway photos that I've done and continue to do. I keep saying that I'm looking to capture the interaction (and lack of interaction) between people, but that's not quite right. I'm really looking for connections between one person and another, between a person and their environment, and ultimately, between people and me (or my camera, anyway). A person doesn't have to do anything to make a connection. Sometimes it's obviously visible. For instance, someone who is intentionally trying to shut out the world might inadvertently make a connection with me because I notice his game. The moments where that experience is visually translatable seem few and far between. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough.

I saw a girl on the subway who had an old bike with her. She rested her head on it, examined its pedals, and chewed on its cables. It was beautiful -- her connection to her bike. But the pictures I took don't show that well enough. What a shame.

On another note, here I am as one of those dudes from Dune:

ol blue eyes