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what an idea!

A number of things have happened since the last post. Unfortunately, I don't remember the number.

I have to chime in about The Life Aquatic, which I saw with Judy yesterday. It's a must-see. I won't try to explain it -- just go see it!

Later, Judy came up with a great idea: an online "zine" called "History of Past Lives" which would be a place where anyone can post an article about a person they know. The author can be anonymous or not and would write about how they know the person and what they think of that person. It can be as "confessional" or open as the author desires. At least, that's the impression I got from Judy. I think it could be really interesting if a bunch of people contribute.

I've started working on a system to allow anonymous (or not) submissions (with a photo!) and moderation/approval for publishing the "experiences". It's kind of neat.

It seems that Judy wasn't as enthusiastic about my idea...I'm not trying to rip it off. I think it could be cool. We'll see.