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Romantic Dromedaries

Why are all "romantic comedies" alike? I can't say that I watch many, but they seem so formulaic. The other day I saw Next Stop Wonderland, which isn't awful. But why do such movies always try to say that most of the people (usually guys) in the world are jerks, except for the one person you're "destined" to be with? If everything is in Fate's hands, why does anybody bother dating? Afterall, that's pointless. You'll meet your soulmate when you accidentally run him/her over with your car, or fall out of a window and land on that person, or during some other freak accident. Just wait for it!

If these movies are "chick flicks", that must mean chicks eat this stuff up. But how many can say that they were destined to be with the one they're sitting next to?

At least with science fiction you know that you're supposed to suspend disbelief. I think a lot of girls believe that real life can be as simple as the movies. It's just bad luck that they haven't found their match yet. hmm.

I just realized that usually in these movies there's a nay-sayer like me who denies Destiny, until the very end when they bump into their soulmate on the blue line (just like Next Stop Wonderland). Maybe I should go hang out underground, waiting for the inevitable encounter with true love.

Maybe that's what all the bums on the T are doing....