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Well, I applied for either of the photographer openings at work. I don't mind whether it's part time of full time. If I had any opportunity at all, I'd be grateful. I wasn't satisfied with the "portfolio" I threw together or my meager resumé, but what's done is done. With luck, if Marc hasn't already picked someone and grants me an interview, I will try to convey my obsession in person. A piece of paper with bullet points doesn't say much.

I was thinking that if I got the job, it'd be very challenging for me...much more so than my current job. I don't currently have to think creatively and quickly on my feet. If I can't finish something today, I can do it tomorrow. With photography, it's a different story. And I wonder if I can hack it.

Of course, I must be able to do it. I have no choice. There's no turning back. I will get the job...if not this time, then next time, and maybe someplace else.

Yeah, way to go, Dave! motivate, motivate! and so on and so forth...


Boy, if I got a PJ job (even at the same company), it'd be the happiest day of my life. hmm, I shouldn't think about it.