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Move over, junk! There's a new purchase in town!

mac mini
quality picture, eh?

I knew I was destined to own a Mac mini when I first learned of their creation. By harnessing the power of Thor's hammer, St.Damien's beard, and an IRS refund check, I took the Apple Store by surprise, penetrated their feeble reality distortion field and purchased the cheapest Mac mini available.

I enjoy shopping at Apple Stores -- the salespeople make me feel like an innocent child again. Never mind that I can program circles around the rosy-cheeked sales-drones or intellectually kickbox the so-called "geniuses" dressed in black; as long as I'm a customer, I'm just a babe in the woods to them. For instance, when I expressed concern that the mini's laptop hard-drive might not be reliable enough to keep running 24/7, the kind man informed me that hard-drives are mechanical devices that may fail sometimes. Thanks! I had no idea. And even though I mentioned that I have my own server at home, he still tried to sell me a .Mac account so that I could transfer all my important files (by the way, you can imagine that a "file" is like a piece of paper [and by paper I mean a flat substance {and by substance, I mean "thing"} made of ground up tree pulp] that you store in a great big box: i.e. a computer) across the country for safe keeping.

I didn't buy any extra garbage, but I'll buy more RAM tomorrow from some place cheap and attempt installation on my own (if I fail, I'll be sure to return to the "genius bar" to have my diaper changed). Then I can connect the brand new drive that I bought a while ago and start cleaning out all the extra cruft that I've accumulated on my old computer.

That's my story. Now I have a sleek-looking, designed-in-stylish-California toaster oven, and you don't! Get with the Joneses, yo.