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Cut To The High-Speed Chase

Here's the deal: I've met someone whom I really dig, warts and all (not literally). We seem to think alike -- she could be my doppelganger (which, from reading the definition, is probably not the right word to use, ever, but it hasn't stopped me yet). And although it's early, I feel that it'd be difficult to grow tired of this person.

My "only" problem is that I don't know how to proceed. If it were up to me, I'd want to see where "this" goes and would immerse myself (with the potential for drowning) in the experience. On the other hand, it seems like I'm used to unrequited [whatever]. I think I'd crap my pants and dance an Irish jig if the feeling was mutual.

I don't know. Sometimes I become anxious when things aren't spelled out for me in large, crayola letters.

What I know for certain is that she makes me happy. And that's not a bad start, eh?