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As the kids say: Off The Hook!

I just scored a real gem: Prince -- "One Night Alone... Live!" for $4.00! Let me tell you, this double-album is HOTTTT! You won't find any cheesey-corn goofy songs on these CDs; It's mostly hard-driving FUNK. Maceo Parker and Candy Dulfer appear to offer some official funk cred to The New Power Generation. The jams are tight and the tunes sound fresh. Prince effortlessly shreds his guitar while Rhonda Smith (bass) and John Blackwell (drums) keep it together right to the edge of falling off the funk. But they never do. These guys are right on!

Prince says "Good night!" after track 4 (a free-wheeling "Everlasting Now") on the second disc, only to play 13 more songs (granted, they're mostly solo piano ballads, but still)! That's some encore.

It's too bad Prince is now a creepy Jehovah's Witness, but with funk this good, I'd go to a show even if he were Mormon.