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hipster pda

I came across the Hipster PDA yesterday and decided to try it out for myself. I've never had a "real" PDA and probably never will. I have neither the discipline nor the need for so much organization. I figure if I can't keep my "todo list" in my head, it can't be too important. (maybe that's one reason why I did poorly in college and dropped out. oops!) And I'm definitely not someone who needs to have everything neatly and centrally organized. I'm more of a pack-rat.

But I can see the value of always having a pen and paper, at the very least. I don't often need to write something down, but when I do, I never seem to have a place to write it or a pen to use. So, even though I'm not going to join the Getting Things Done cult, I can still run with this Hipster PDA idea. Here's my first effort (the "cover" is made of 2 cards stapled together):

hipster pda

I have access to about infinity of those small cards from the crawlspace at work. The low-tech novelty is neat, but I'm thinking that I might be better off with a real notebook instead. When I have my Domke camera bag with me (which is often), I have at least one reporter's notebook handy. But when I'm naked (i.e. anytime my camera is not around), the reporter's notebook is a little too big to carry in my pocket. That's why I'm going to look for one of these trendy moleskine notebooks. Other than ordering online, I might have to go to Boston to find one since the stores around here don't seem to carry such a precious tool. [never mind. found em at Borders]

Until then, I'll make do with my non-smiley-faced book of cards.