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desperate for inspections

Yesterday while I was pumping gas down the street the attendant asked me if I wanted to get my inspection done now. I had been holding off because I need to get a new sideview mirror (a victim of the Red Sox world series celebration). Here's the ensuing conversation:

attendant: Do you want to get your state inspection today?
me: No, I need to get a new mirror first.
attendant: *looks* Oh, ok...
[he walks inside and talks to his boss. a moment later, his boss comes running out...]
boss: You know, you don't need a sideview mirror to get an inspection!
me: really?
boss: No, it's fine. All you need is a rearview mirror. If you don't have sideview mirrors, that's ok as long as there aren't any sharp points.
me: oh, I didn't know that...
boss: Don't let anyone fool you! You don't need it to get an inspection!
me: Yeah, I can get an inspection, but will it pass? [thinking he's trying to trick me into a rejected inspection]
boss: NO! What did I just tell you?! It'll pass! You don't need the mirror!
me: ok
boss: So, do you want an inspection now? He can do it!
me: Yeah, sure.
boss: Ok. good!

So, my car passed (I don't know if the guy actually inspected anything), and I can postpone the search for an expensive mirror. Yay! Thank you, desperate foreign gas station workers!