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Dear Fisher,

You've designed the famous Space Pen that can write upside-down, in zero gravity, on the surface of the sun, yet you include a slide-on clip?! I had the pen in my pocket, and the clip slid off. I wasted 15 minutes this morning trying to find it all over my room, to no avail. Now, the pen has no clip and just floats around in my pocket, waiting to get lost. All of a sudden, your wonderful pen has lost much of its utility for me. It was difficult enough to justify spending $15 for a pen; now I have to worry about it rolling out of my pocket into the great unknown.

Sure, I could order a new clip for $2, but why couldn't you design the pen with an attached clip? Does anyone use it sans-clip?

I'm very disappointed, Mr.Fisher, and I hope you get your R&D team working on this problem right away.

Sincerely Yours,
Dave St.Germain