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pebbles and marbles like things on my mind

Earlier I heard the faint sound of banging -- literally, not pejoratively. Since I was home alone, I don't know what that could've been.

For supper I had another staple of my diet: a can of creamed corn, minus the cream. So, just mashed corn. I figure if I tag along to Kansas (who knows? it could happen...), I'll be prepared for months of simple, and cheap, living.

It's looking like a Japan trip next month with the broham is out for me. I mean, I don't have a passport and probably wouldn't be able to get one in time. If I did, there's still the lack-of-time-to-plan problem and the fact that spending almost 2 weeks in Japan probably isn't cheap. As much as I'd like to go, I don't want to blow $1000 going to Tokyo to peruse their various Internet cafes.

There is, however, a slightly better chance that I could go to Ireland in November with my smelly friend (no, wait...I'm the smelly one). I guess we'd have to buy tickets in July. It might be risky, but I figure if we make it to May, July is no problem, and if we make it to July, November is a breeze. Of course it goes without saying that if we make it to November and a trip to Ireland, the next decade is all set. Kansas, Japan, name it.

While helping my aforementioned non-smelly friend move into a new, cozy apartment, I was thinking about what it would take for me to move someplace. any place. I wouldn't need to bring much with me and don't really have any furniture. Technically, I could move anywhere, whenever I want. There's nothing keeping me at home except my own reluctance (and the feeling that if I move, somehow I'd be stuck in my current job). So, why don't I?

With Spring well on its way, what a lovely time it is for falling into capital L.