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faith in humanity restored... for now

My father and I went to Anna's Tacqueria for a burrito and to catch up on things. When I sat down to eat, my wallet fell out of my pocket because the ever-present Moleskine I've been carrying pushed the wallet right out. Usually, I'd notice such a drop in body mass from a missing wallet, but considering the state my mind is in lately, I didn't realize it was gone until we arrived at Dunkin' Donuts in Medford. After driving back to Anna's, I ran in to ask the cashier if anyone had found a wallet. She said, "you're lucky" as she handed me my precious tied in a plastic bag. "Thank you!" I chortled.

Times like this one make me think that maybe people care about each other more than they get credit for.

That reminds me of another freak occurrence -- also in Somerville. A couple weeks ago lee lee and I stepped out of her apartment in the morning to find the driver's side door on my car wide open. I had visions of the worst as we approached the car, but it turns out that nothing was missing. The door might've been open all night (somehow it was locked, but I must not have closed it), yet no one walking by was malicious enough to snatch my Prince or Bossa Nova CDs sitting in the door compartment. Then again, maybe plenty of malicious folks walked by but just had different musical tastes.