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fried server

After running 24/7 for 125 days, the fan on this server's power supply seized up and died. The strange noises (sometimes loud, sometimes silent) it had been making apparently were caused by the fan's intermittent locking. If I had known, I would've replaced the power supply earlier. The cheap-o power supply breathed its last breath early Saturday morning, and I didn't get around to replacing it until today after Nate got a "Mad Dog" brand power supply from CompUSA. Now the server is much healthier and quieter, and it sports a clear fan, gold-plated fan cage, and bright blue LED. woop-dee-doo.

Of course I was concerned about the server being down for an extended period because it serves my only email account (although I could use gmail if I had to). Thanks to SMTP's reliability, when the server came back up, I received a back log of spam that had been waiting for me across the internet.

Well, at least I know that someone cares about me -- if only as a potential "herbal enhancer" customer. Hmm, maybe I should look into it in appreciation for all the attention spammers give me.