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Sentimental Journey


When I stopped in Lawrence yesterday I checked in with my grandfather. He's still kicking. It seems like nothing has changed back home. He gave me some no-nonsense, septuagenarian relationship advice: "when you meet the right person, you'll know. until then, keep looking..." Life must be so much simpler once you have more than 70 years under your belt.

I've been thinking about lots of stuff lately, and my visit to the old homestead brought back a few memories. It occurred to me that my life had a much slower pace just a year ago. At least, relatively. Sure, it's true that people moved in and out and the rooms were rearranged every other month, but everybody seemed to stay the same. Just plodding along. Just getting by in a working class city. I had my lazy routine and never really got out much. I had my dreams but didn't know how to reach them.

That all changed a year ago when I met lee lee. I basically dropped everything for this "new life". Ultimately, though, I must be the same person. What has changed about me? Troy said I'm "mellower" now and that it's been a good thing for me, but I don't know. My dreams are still just out of reach.

I've heard more people say (whether solicited or not), "yes, it (a relationship) is worth the pain" than those who say it isn't.

I just don't know right now.