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Voice Recorders

I've been looking for voice recorders lately because I want to try doing audio/photo interviews or essays.  I wasted some time buying an Olympus VN-240PC only to find out that it doesn't work like a USB drive (as the salesperson assured me), and so it was useless to me.  After looking at professional minidisc recorders and all sorts of digital voice recorders, I think I'm going to get an Olympus WS-100 (for a lot cheaper than retail price).  Minidisc might be better quality, but it'd be much more of a hassle to deal with.  I just want to experiment for now without blowing a ton of money on professional junk.

As an aside, podcasting is so lame.  Note to podcasters: Unless you're NPR or some other quality news source, nobody wants to download your nasally musings on nerd-life.  Or at least, nobody should.  Blogging can be bad enough, but podcasting to me crosses some line of common sense.  Just, stop...