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Chance Encounter

I noticed a man walking his strange-looking black pug ahead of me near The Druid on Cambridge Street. When I passed him, I looked back and recognized his face.

me: Do I know you?

him: [skeptically] No, I don't think so...

me: What's your name?

him: Errol...

me: Errol Morris!

Errol: Yeah.

me: Nice to meet you! [shakes hand] Well, I don't know you, but... [walks away]

Errol: [turns down Oak Street] ...And Jackpot.

me: Jackpot? He's cute.

Errol: Thanks.

So, I totally blew my chance to learn everything about documentary film making from Errol Morris. Geeze, who would've thought?! Maybe I'll spot him walking Jackpot some other time, and then I'll be prepared with questions. Although, now that he knows there's some weirdo with a pierced septum who recognizes him, he'll probably change his route...