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going senile

I was in the process of writing a heartfelt blog post about how I lost one of my CompactFlash cards, and I've been retracing my steps and looking everywhere for the past 30 minutes, at least. I was flabbergasted at the thought of losing one of my two cards; incredulous that it could even be possible.

But then I looked over and picked up the mouse. There it was. Hiding under a mouse. How cute...

It reminds me of an incident years ago when I lost a little jewelry box that I used to play with (don't ask: I was an imaginative kid and made imaginary stuff out of such things). I couldn't find it for the longest time, but finally one day while looking for something else, I found the box in a very obvious place in my room. Out of anger at myself for being so stupid that I couldn't find it sooner, I threw the box, and it broke in half against the wall. What a strange concoction of emotions.

It's a good thing I found the card because otherwise I wouldn't have this picture of Pavel doing a Russian dance:


I'll put the rest on Tabblo soon...