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Today I bought a guitar from Sandy's Music across the street. I had been meaning to check the place out since I've lived in the area, but I hadn't gotten around to it until now. It's a pretty neat store, and Sandy seems like a cool guy with lots of stories. Because I'm a terrible guitarist who just wants to noodle around, I looked for the cheapest acoustic I could get. I ended up buying the second cheapest guitar, which was covered with dust, smells like cigarettes, and sounds somewhat lousy. But I like it.

While I was in there, Sandy was talking to another customer about business (or the lack thereof). He mentioned that Beck and other members of his band once bought guitars there. Well, that just about sealed the deal for me! If Sandy's is good enough for Beck, it's good enough for me!

I'll never be as talented or as cool as Beck, but here's a cover nonetheless:

Golden Age