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get me to a nunnery


Going to see a show last night reinforced the feeling in my mind that I'm not interested in relating to people right now. People seem more shallow and blend together in a drab grey. Where are the organic people; the saturated ones? I know where one of them is.

Every time I open my wallet, this photo stares back at me, katie zapertand I'm reminded that I should remove it or hide it lest anyone question my enduring feelings. As if anyone would notice but me. I notice and feel ashamed. But I haven't removed the photo.

I'm not inspired to do much lately. Winter's touch has always kept me indoors, where these days I noodle on the guitar, waste time reading junk on the internet, or watch lousy movies. Sure, I'm not always moping, but when she stares at me from my wallet or the wall, or she invades my dreams or clouds my thoughts while I listen to music, what can I do?