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Into the Wild

(I had started to write a rather scathing review of Into the Wild a week or so ago, but my computer's battery died at some point before I hit save [why didn't I hit save earlier? I should know better]. Now, the forgettable review joins the forgettable movie somewhere in the rear of my brain. I do remember that the tone of the film felt way off from what it should've. It played like a montage of a kid's journey through the country, and I ultimately didn't care about the main character's fate because the one-dimensional acting lead me to believe that he had little to offer, emotionally — certainly less depth than I imagine the real-life Chris McCandless might've contained. I must be in the minority of people who didn't care for the film; I'm too snobbish in my appreciation for great cinematography. Into the Wild fell far short of the "beautiful film" mark, and it didn't help to have Eddie Vedder warbling on top of the film with faux-authenticity.
Oh, and I just remembered the scene where the main character breaks the fourth wall and touches the camera lens. WTF? Delete that scene, Sean Penn! Delete it!)