Runcible Blog


In my nightmare last night, I was sitting in my apartment when I looked out the window and saw someone outside staring at me.  I felt uncomfortable but shrugged it off and left for work or something.  When I returned home, the staring guy and his girlfriend were in my apartment.  It seems my landlord had decided to rent out half of my place to another tenant (of course, my place isn't big enough for such a crazy idea).  The rest of the dream was about struggling to live with these unwanted, creepy people in a place that I used to think of as my own.  Unable to kick out the invaders, I felt powerless and frustrated at the situation.

It's no wonder I do not have roommates now.  In fact, the dream proves that I'm afraid of the possibility of having to live with strangers someday.  More broadly, my persistent fear lately is not being able to maintain enough financial independence to continue living on my own.  Considering the economic bust we're in and the dreams for my (certainly less lucrative) future, it's not an irrational fear, either.