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life during wartime

I've been without my primary email account for the past three weeks or so, and I can't say I'm missing anything.  I have a couple other accounts and considered sending an email to everyone I know informing them of my other addresses, but who am I kidding?

I look at missed connections and wonder if someone might've missed a connection with me, but then I realize that I never seem to leave the house these days, and when I do, I blend right into the sidewalk.

I've got no interest in meeting people or dating, yet I still crave the experience of knowing someone and being known in return.  I want to skip the small talk and zip myself up into someone else's skin, in the best possible way.  Tear down our walls and build a park out of the rubble.  Run down the toilet paper roll and stare at each other through the tube.

Solitude is a hair shirt, indeed.

I've had the taste of milk in my mouth today.

The sound of my building drives me a little crazy, but hearing the T rolling underground makes me feel like a part of the machine.

I'm unworthy of the sounds my guitar makes.  The cracks on the top are already getting worse.  I am inadvertently killing it.



Everything will be fine.