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like a ship in the night

It's been ages since I last wandered around Central Square at night. Tonight, as I stood at a corner on Mass Ave, who did I see? Katie. Even with my fluorescent-light abused eyes, I could recognize those legs from a mile away. She was in quite a hurry, got in her car, and scooted away. If she did spot me, I hope she wasn't in a hurry to get away from me, but I wouldn't doubt it.

I am sure that she has gotten back with the ex she was in love with when we were together, and I bet that any contact with me would dredge up unwanted memories for her. She continues to affect me, even to this day. It's odd how latent feelings about someone can linger for so long. Usually the memories that last are either very positive or very negative; with Katie, they're very positive, in spite of everything that went afoul and despite our short run together. She's the one who got away.

Que sera, sera.