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forgot to be angry

I woke up early this morning to the sound of my neighbor's blaring alarm. From what I can tell, he has an iPhone connected to speakers, and he's a heavy sleeper. The alarm went on for at least 5 minutes before he hit snooze. By that time, I was already wide awake and becoming angry at my inconsiderate neighbor. I thought about writing him a note and taping it to his door: "EITHER TURN DOWN THE ALARM OR WAKE UP WHEN IT SOUNDS." First, I'd have to find paper and a marker. I don't have a lot of blank paper in my apartment, and I wouldn't want to use a scrap from a piece of mail that would have my name on it, and besides, he might be distracted by whatever was on the paper and miss my important message on the other side.

Anyway, I decided to look for the paper and write the message after I got ready for work. I showered, dressed, gathered my things for the day, made sure my door was locked, and walked out to my car. As I got to my car, I remembered that I was supposed to write that irate note!

Oh well. I guess being upset about an early wake-up just wasn't worth the energy after all.