Runcible Blog

some things i've been doing

Since quitting HP in March, I've been focusing on photography and very much not on programming. I have a few projects up in the air, and some that are dead ends. There was the clock-winder in JP,

the mask-maker in Somerville
and my judo sensei/tailor.

I just finished a class with this guy

and gained an enhanced way of seeing things.

Among other topics, I shot my local watering hole,

the street,
and even used film once or twice.
I started a project on garbage men
and a fascinating farmer.

I had a fun opportunity to be the DP on a short film called Balance, and I hope to develop more video skills and work with the rest of those folks in the future.

It's rare that I'm not with my camera (and a ridiculous amount of other gear) anywhere I go, and on the off chance that my camera is at home, I'm always in observing mode: on the street,

with family,
pretending to be professional,
or running into strange people who ask me to take their picture.

The wiring change in my brain from cubicle-dweller to would-be-documentarian was swift and painless, though I can't say that the past few months have been psychologically easy.

I've stepped into a great unknown and am constantly thinking about how it's all going to work out. It's been a challenge to get out of my head and just shoot, but when I have a direction, the way is clear.

Eventually, I'll have all of these projects in a presentable form on my website. For now, I'll just leave some pie here; I'm really hungry at the moment.