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Flash of Lightning in a Summer Cloud

A year ago today, I started swinging the hammer on construction of my house. I immediately and persistently encountered challenges. For instance, since I didn't leave enough breathing room when measuring the subfloor dimensions, the frame became wedged inside the metal trailer walls, leading to much head scratching and calls for help from people with winches and experience.

the subfloor

For about a month, I made my bed in a dusty crawlspace under a huge old driveshaft:

my bed

Now, it seems like a lifetime ago. In some ways, it was. I'm about to have lunch with a stranger who wants to talk about tiny house construction, but I almost feel like I've forgotten how it happened. Really, most of the time was spent staring and wondering how to do what needed to be done. Then, on the best of days, I had little to do with the process. If I could figure out how to express that, it'd be the best advice I could give.