Runcible Blog

new poems (and a site)

I've been working on a new, experimental site for writing. I suppose it's like tumblr, except less spammy, customizable, or social! It's intended to mimic how thoughts appear and connect to each other. Try it out!
Here are some poems from there:


the blue wool sweater unearthed
from the wooden winter clothes box.
it hibernated under my house for the summer,
becoming home to earwigs, spiders,
and dust.

shaking the sweater forms a cloud of memories
sawdust of past productivity fills the pockets,
never completely empty.

initials sewn into the collar
evoke an unknown "J.B."
even the earwigs and spiders have died.

all day, the dust sneezing persists
while the must makes me smell older.
we carry on together
sharing warmth and purpose
for a time.

captor in a dream

as always,
you are the captor of reality
on a declining planet

when the sullen eye opens,
the captives dance like flames

captives and captor ensnared,
it may hurt less to see
nothing at all