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I just finished watching Brazil, the perfect movie to see just before bed. I can't wait for the surreal dreams...

In other news, I think I'm burning out faster than a...a, ... well, really fast. That's how bad it's gotten. I need someone to take me on a vacation...


Last night I dreamt I was running the second leg of a 4x400 relay. I remember feeling strong, though a little winded. I had a long stride, but I couldn't turn my legs over as fast as I wanted. I finished in about 59 seconds — not great, but faster than I have ever run in real life.

The odd thing (besides waking up breathing as if I were running) was the feeling I got when I came down the home stretch. I felt the loss of Coach O when I noticed that he wasn't at the finish with a stopwatch, even though he had been when I started my leg of the relay. The loss hit me like a headwind.

the noodle bowl

I walk to the store.
toilet paper, spaghetti o's, paper towels, a rice noodle bowl.
I walk home on street-lit cobblestones
while the bag rustles, still, my keys echo in October air
breathing faster – a plane overhead

The oil in my bowl
like drops of blood
is not
a placid heart that floats on salted water.

Somewhere a girl slowly kills herself.
sitting in my chair, I sip the noodles.
nose runs,
eyes drip
from the steam

going senile

I was in the process of writing a heartfelt blog post about how I lost one of my CompactFlash cards, and I've been retracing my steps and looking everywhere for the past 30 minutes, at least. I was flabbergasted at the thought of losing one of my two cards; incredulous that it could even be possible.

But then I looked over and picked up the mouse. There it was. Hiding under a mouse. How cute...

It reminds me of an incident years ago when I lost a little jewelry box that I used to play with (don't ask: I was an imaginative kid and made imaginary stuff out of such things). I couldn't find it for the longest time, but finally one day while looking for something else, I found the box in a very obvious place in my room. Out of anger at myself for being so stupid that I couldn't find it sooner, I threw the box, and it broke in half against the wall. What a strange concoction of emotions.

It's a good thing I found the card because otherwise I wouldn't have this picture of Pavel doing a Russian dance:


I'll put the rest on Tabblo soon...

new books

I just bought 3 books to satisfy 3 different curiosities:

  • Cat's Cradle — based on a recommendation.
  • Zen Poetry — because I like poetry that is short and to the point.
  • Thin — because I had no idea.