Runcible Blog


My toilet has been clogged since yesterday. I meant to get a plunger today, but I forgot. And I've really got to go!

blog badges

As of a few minutes ago, you can get yer very own Tabblo blog badge like I've got in the sidebar.

What are you waiting for?! DO IT! (if you've got a blog, that is)

limitless entertainment

As part of basic cable, I have not one, nor two, but three community access channels. I just can't decide which zany Cantabrigian to watch.

p.s. I forgot to mention that those three public access channels are out of a total of 12 channels that I can view. $10/month for 12 channels.

diminishing sickness

I'm finally starting to get over this virus. The progression went something like this:

  • ear pressure and fever
  • less ear pressure, but sore throat and fever
  • feeling like something was stuck in my throat
  • coughing up phlegm / congestion

I haven't slept well in the week since I got this infection, so I've been going to bed earlier to allow for waking up, tossing, and turning. Last night wasn't terrible though.

Once my white blood cells are finished doing their thing, maybe I'll blog about something more compelling.

not perfect


Yes, I'm aware that the last post is dripping with negativity and anger. In an ideal world, perhaps I'd let bygones be bygones and not say a word about how I feel. But for the last few months, I've been living through this crazy, turbulent relationship because I always thought things could get better (someday?). I was wrong. And that hurts.

Having someone very close to me turn out to be a liar hurts a lot more.

Even though I'm sure I'll miss lee lee after a while just as much as she'll have moved on from me, wishing for an impossible future does no good.


And if I wasn't still sick, I'd probably be doing something more fun or productive than sitting here blogging and stewing.