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R.I.P Crystal (~1994 - 2008)


When I was young and stupid, I wasn't very nice to Crystal, but she always forgave me.  Ever in search of familial love, she had a habit of sucking on people's earlobes.  That was her way of getting to know someone. 

I think the best cats are other people's cats, which was true for Crystal when I moved away from home.  She'd be eager to see me when I visited, if only to serve as a brief respite from the chaotic dogs in her life.  As she grew older, she seemed to become more mellow and at peace with the world – far above all the riff-raff of people and animals coming and going from her life.  Just taking life one day at a time.


Last night, somebody cut the undersea cable to medford, where this server lives.  I suspect either Mossad or the CIA, but in any case, everything should be back to normal now.


 Before joining Tabblo I used Gallery for sharing photos online.  Although I haven't used it much since, spammers have been hammering the albums with comment spam.  I didn't realize the extent of it until today, and I wanted to clear out the noise.  Unfortunately, the administration interface doesn't make deleting 1000 comments easy.  I started to make a script to help me delete them.

Gallery uses a big serialized php array to store the album data and the comments, which is simple but braindead.  That means I'd have to unserialize the blob and delete the comments from the data structure.  Of course, I wasn't about to write something in PHP when Python's my bread and butter.

I found the existing Python implementations of PHP serialization either unpythonic or broken, so I wrote my own, inspired heavily by Python's pickle module.  

It's called, and you can look at it or download it if it's of any use.

Maybe I'll link to the comment-pruning script, too, after I clean it up a bit.

Comes a Time

I've been on a Neil Young kick lately.  Here's a tune that I particularly like: