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Wasted Day

I don't know about you, but I find it disappointing and not too fun when I get ditched. It's kind of a sinking feeling. I blew most of the day thinking someone was going to return my call, but it never happened. Even a lie would have been better than no response -- at least then I would be able to make other plans (as unlikely as that may be).

I'm not mad though. There are too many other, more important things to be angry about (see every day's news regarding this ridiculous colonial war in Iraq). But I'm disappointed and a little sad. When I tell someone I'll call or be someplace at a certain time, you better believe I will. I can't stand being late or unreliable. I'm not too harsh on everyone else though. Not everyone is as fanatical about being on time as I tend to be (going to work is another matter -- I don't usually make any promises that I'll arrive there on time).

Anyway, that's enough chatter. I still have to get that assignment done somehow.

New Photos!

Here are some new photos that I've scanned. The scans leave much to be desired, but here they are anyway (click for larger version and comments):

A dog I spotted in New Orleans. I forget the street.

An excellent jazz band that plays in New Orleans every day.

Here I am moments after arriving home from my trip (oogly as ever)

kenmore sq.
Spy photo from NESOP window

Hampton Beach

Black Shorts

That's all for now. I didn't say the pictures were good -- just new.

Oh yeah

I never mentioned my first day of the people photography workshop. It looks like a good class. The teacher is a magazine photographer, and there is a wide variety of students (young, old, fat, skinny, amateur, professional) who will bring their unique experiences to the discussion every week. We're allowed to use whatever film we want. I'll probably go with slide for quick color shots and B&W whenever possible. But man, when am I going to have time for this stuff? Tomorrow I'll try to get myself to NESOP and develop some film (I still haven't developed the stuff from my trip in February!). That leaves two days for finding a victim "subject", spending 2 hours shooting, having the film developed (if color) or printing (if B&W), and hoping for something better than crap. Piece of cake. I'm having trouble getting back into right-brain mode after switching it off for a while. I'm optimistic though; Boston brings out the best in me.

Lobster Man

I got my first burn of the season at Hampton Beach today. I basically just wandered around the sand, the water, and the strip for a few hours, looking for photo inspiration. I didn't find much, and it's kind of awkward going to the beach alone, especially with a camera. I felt like such a voyeur. But hey, it's for my class! I swear!

Friday night I was in Hampton seeing what I could see, and I got pulled over by the fuzz. A cop was stopped in the right lane on the strip because a pedestrian was crossing. I didn't see the ped x-ing until I had already driven past. Oops. Cue the blinken lights and Hampton's finest surround my car. They must've thought I was dangerous since there were four cops around my car. But since it was the first time I'd been stopped by a pig, all I got was a written warning. I was actually waiting for the cop to give me something, but I guess they don't hand out written warnings. Too bad -- I would've framed it.

I'm beginning to worry about how I'm going to get this photo assignment done and what future assignments will entail. I'm really lacking in the guinea pig/model/subject department. I can't find anyone to sit in front of my camera for two hours. Isn't that sad? My classmates will likely have significant others and family members to shoot. I don't want to show up empty handed. And if all the assignments will require a willing model, I could be in trouble. Hmm. what to do. what to do.


After being so excited about taking this photojournalism class and showing up at NESOP right on time, it turns out the class was cancelled due to lack of interest. Someone left a message on my cell phone yesterday to inform me, but I rarely even have the thing turned on. Well, it was disappointing. So, I signed up for Photographing People instead. It's the closest thing to PJ, but I'm not too sure about it. If everyone else is going to use color, I'm going to be left in the dust since I have never done color. I'd like to do at least some color stuff, but the basic color class is even more expensive.

Instead of Wednesdays, this class will be on Thursday nights. I'll try to be optimistic even though I was told that I can get a refund if I don't like the class after the first day. People photography is definitely up my ally; I just have to find some people to shoot. Candids in Boston are always doable, but the posed portraits might be tough unless somebody wants to volunteer as a model.

Well, I'll give it a shot.