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Ouch! My Jewels!

I took my bike out for a spin for the first time since about September last year and was reminded of a few things:

  • I'm way out of shape.
  • I probably don't eat enough food (or enough good food) to do much exercise without passing out.
  • I forgot how uncomfortable that bike seat is. It's hard to believe I survived about 1500 miles on that bike without suffering bike-induced castration.
  • I can't really afford to lose any fluids or weight while riding. I'm down to 130lbs. -- one long bike ride could lead me to appear on a "save the children" commercial.

  • -----------

    I haven't spoken to many people lately (electronically or otherwise). I wonder how everyone is doing? Actually, if I really was concerned I would have made some attempt at communication, right? I think lately I've preferred to have no conversation than have one that goes nowhere.

    I saw some old "friends" a few weeks ago on the T, and they looked almost exactly the same as they did two years ago. It made me wonder if I seem any different than I was in high school. I certainly hope so.

    My work experience has been solidifying my will to change occupations to photography. National and even local politics are important things to be involved in, but corporate politics is mind-bendingly trivial and useless. I don't want to argue about computers; I want to argue about lots of other, non-computer-related things. That's all the justification I need to want to switch.

    I've had some enlightening conversations with a NESOP teacher that I might recap here for posterity (as much as is possible in the ephemeral web).

    Speaking of posterity, that's the word I've been thinking of these days when taking pictures. I think if anyone asks why I'm taking their picture I'd say "for posterity." But I wouldn't really say that because I doubt it's a good enough reason for someone to grant consent. Instead, I'll say "I collect souls, and you're my next catch."

    Checking In

    Wow, it's been more than two weeks since the last entry. What is there to say? Everything is a blur right now. Some stuff that's happened:

    I got sick of getting bills for my student loans, so I paid off one of them in full (about $1050). Flush, down the drain. I still have another one for about the same amount.

    I went to boston tonight, met Manny Garcia (supposed relative of Jerry), and walked around quincy market about 50 times. After 3 hours, I have 2 pictures to show for it. I'm feeling uninspired.

    Work is work. I often wonder about the people who have spent 20 years working their way up the corporate ladder to some menial middle management position. Somebody shoot me if I ever get close to that point. I'm convinced that there's something in the water at all businesses that turns otherwise sane employees into corporate drones. It's either tainted water or the mandatory lobotomies. I forget which.