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Awe-inspiring stupidity

Sixty-nine percent of Americans said they thought it at least likely that Hussein was involved in the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, according to the latest Washington Post poll. That impression, which exists despite the fact that the hijackers were mostly Saudi nationals acting for al Qaeda, is broadly shared by Democrats, Republicans and independents.

From the Washington Post

In other news, a new Washington Post poll indicates that at least 69% of Americans are idiots.

Everything is Picture

Andrè Kertesz once remarked (according to my fuzzy memory anyway) that "everything is picture" (English wasn't his first language). He considered almost anything in daily life worth photographing. Although I'm not in Kertesz's league, I've been feeling similarly inspired lately while driving around town. Friday and Saturday nights I patrolled Lawrence, listening to my scanner and looking for photo opportunities. Lawrence is actually quite busy on weekend nights, I've learned. Unfortunately I'm not courageous enough to walk around by myself downtown. My main concern is that I don't know where I could park my car and expect to find it intact when I return. The Park, Myrtle, Arlington, and Lawrence Street area seems to be the most "active" at night.

So while I'm driving around I'm seeing all sorts of potential photographs and imagining how they might look, but I haven't taken any pictures yet. How sad. Once I get a better feel for the city I'll venture from my steel and bondo confines (much like a diver wandering from his shark cage). I'd hate to play the race card, but I haven't noticed many fellow crackers hanging out in Lawrence at night. Also, Lawrence is not Boston -- Bostonians and Cambridge folk (?) are used to seeing snot nosed kids with cameras on the street. Lawrencians, it seems, are more suspicious and paranoid. So, my minority status combined with a somewhat photographer-hostile town makes for an awkward environment. I shouldn't make excuses though.

On another note, I've been thinking about documentary filmmaking. PBS and even HBO make some excellent documentaries that are really inspiring. I'm not sure if I'd be interested in or capable of making a video documentary though. I wonder if it's possible to convey the same ideas and emotions in the same hard-hitting style using still photographs rather than video or film. Well I know it's possible, but I don't see many examples in "mainstream" media. I shouldn't even mention the Eagle Tribune's sorry excuses for photo essays. Bleh.

"the most dangerous liberal columnist"

I'm watching Tim Russert interview Paul Krugman on CNBC, and I noticed a couple things:

  • His name is pronounced KROOG-man rather than KRUG-man. How about that.
  • While reading his columns, I imagined his voice being that of a grizzled, pissed-off intellectual powerhouse. Instead, he speaks with a geeky, anxious, somewhat self-conscious manner (think Richard Dreyfus). Let's just say he has a voice for print.
  • He's still the man when it comes to exposing the administration's lies and distortions.
  • I'll have to check out his book, "The Great Unravelling". If there's a lot of economic mumbo-jumbo, I might lose interest. Ideally, it'll be a fun pop-up book.

    Thought Provoking

    NO Freddy did not die, thats my point, the only thing that killed him was the decapitation, sure the glove through the heart injured him, but think about it, Freddy is as heartless as Jason is brainless, a shot through the heart would hurt him about as much as shoving the machete through Jason's brain, What's not there can't be damaged.

    This (and much more) is what people talk about on IMDB's discussion forums

    Farking Gross

    I just picked up a dirty sock off my floor, and a small, brown, maggot-like worm fell out on to my leg. How disgusting is that? I flicked it away, but now I can't find it. Now I'm paranoid about maggots hiding in my clothes. I think it's a good time to do laundry.....