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I made the plunge. Canon 20D, Sigma 18-50mm f2.8 EX, and 1GB CF card. Ouch! That hurt my wallet. But this is good stuff. The possibilities are endless.

I'm sure I'll still use film every once in a while, but the turnover time is much much slower with film (I have unfinished rolls of film in all my cameras, going back several months).

It might take a while to get used to a zoom lens again. I'm used to using a 50mm most of the time. It's easy to fall into the zoom trap and end up using it as a crutch -- and making lousy compositions as a result.

bedtime now. resume shooting tomorrow....

oh my

It's 12:30AM, and I'm watching a Prince concert from 1987. It's probably the most awesome concert ever. Seriously. That guy can play.

Right Now

Right now:

  • It occurs to me that I should've microwaved my can of Bush's Vegetarian Baked Beans for 3 minutes rather than 2:30. Baked beans have become a standard dinner for me. I prefer B&M to Bush's -- less tomato sauce and fewer onions.
  • I'm listening to Sigur Ros. It's so good, I could cry. If I could remember how. Thanks to Angie for telling me about them.
  • I'm tired of AIM. In fact, I hate it. What happens is that I'll use it for a while and then remember why I hate it so much. Then I'll dump it for months until I decide to use it again. And the cycle repeats.
  • I'm wondering if all females are impossible to understand or if it's just a coincidence that the ones I've been dealing with are particularly insoluble.
  • I wish everyone in the world was more forthcoming. I heard a piece on NPR the other day about a couple who stand on the street with signs saying "talk to me" just because they want to encourage strangers to interact. All sorts of people approach them and have conversations. I wish I had time to do that.
  • I want to write a song. I started last night, but it's pretty hard for me to convert my thoughts to music. I think song writing comes naturally to some people. For me, I'm better at working with ideas from others. I have a kernel of inspiration -- unrequited...something, a kind of tension that feels like vacillating between precipice and asphyxiation -- in limbo with giddiness on one side and confusion on the other.
  • I'm thinking the above statement might not make sense.
  • I feel fine.

what an idea!

A number of things have happened since the last post. Unfortunately, I don't remember the number.

I have to chime in about The Life Aquatic, which I saw with Judy yesterday. It's a must-see. I won't try to explain it -- just go see it!

Later, Judy came up with a great idea: an online "zine" called "History of Past Lives" which would be a place where anyone can post an article about a person they know. The author can be anonymous or not and would write about how they know the person and what they think of that person. It can be as "confessional" or open as the author desires. At least, that's the impression I got from Judy. I think it could be really interesting if a bunch of people contribute.

I've started working on a system to allow anonymous (or not) submissions (with a photo!) and moderation/approval for publishing the "experiences". It's kind of neat.

It seems that Judy wasn't as enthusiastic about my idea...I'm not trying to rip it off. I think it could be cool. We'll see.

permanent honesty

Chong Jik (honesty) tattoo
Chong-Jik "Honesty"

First off, I don't shave very often, but I've only ever used a Mach 3 razor, until now. And I never had any problems with it (no missing limbs so far). Since the blades were getting old, I wanted to replace them but ended up buying the cheaper Sensor 3...because it's cheaper, and I'm cheap. It looks pretty similar -- three blades, some other suspension thingys, plastic doodads. But it's junk! It doesn't work as well and causes razor burn quite easily. What gives? I think the cheaper ones are intentionally made to lower standards (maybe that's just obvious). How hard is it to make these things?

Anyway, so I got the tattoo above today at Dragon's Lair in Salem, NH. Before getting it I went across the street to the Korean grocery store to make sure I had looked up the right word. There were a couple women there who were very friendly and helpful. They corrected my pronunciation (Chong-Jik rather than Jong-Jik) and said that it's a very powerful word that means more than honesty. I should've asked them to elaborate. One woman was talking about how her son has a bunch of tattoos and that he spent $25,000 on a dragon. Unfortunately, since many Koreans are hardcore Christians, she freaked out and had to pray for him. She also scoffed at the tattoo on my back "What is that, Buddha?!". Haha. sorry!

She also told me not to put it where I decided because people don't "respect" the bottom half of the body. It would be more prudent to write "honesty" somewhere more visible like on my arm. But I had already decided where to put it. I was thinking about it later and noticed that the word sits right at the spot where the hands go when making the "dyana mudra" during meditation. If I touch thumbs, chong-jik should show between the "mystic triangle". So, I think it's a powerful word in a significant spot.

It didn't hurt much at all (probably because there's nothing boney around). And it only took about 15 minutes, it seemed. All in all, it's a good experience and a meaningful sentiment.

I just have to make sure I don't get really fat so that it doesn't look like an unsightly blob on a pot-belly.