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more django

I've had some more time to continue working with Django and just updated my RSS feed using the new Syndication Framework (which is very clean, might I add).

I'm also working on a very simple gallery application to use for my portfolio. The current Gallery works, but it's gotten too cluttered with miscellaneous stuff. I wouldn't put a link to that site on my resume, for instance. Instead, I'll have a separate area to show my "best" photos, soon. I've made a lot of progress and really just have to rescan/re-edit my pictures and upload them. The site makes thumbnails automatically using PIL, which was a relatively easy feature to add. I have had some issues with mod_python reloading (or more often -- not reloading code), and debugging can be a pain. But I also know that my deployment strategy is very inefficient: since I don't have a matching django/apache/mod_python/mysql setup on my mac mini, I've been making small changes and

svn commit
ting them to the server to test each piece. It'd be better if I developed everything locally and committed when I'm done...

get your own chair

Chair Borrowing Etiquette

If you're going to borrow somebody's chair, don't change all of the "settings" (height, armrest adjustment, etc.). Just because you want to sit down for a few minutes doesn't mean you can take over the damn thing.

Just a helpful reminder from Mr.Manners himself. :-)