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lost my breakfast

Yesterday morning I woke up to what I thought were the usual cramps and felt bloated. I was a little queasy at work but figured I'd feel better in a while. Then at about 11 (while a computer virus was surging through the company), my stomach decided to reverse its direction. I hurled my breakfast into a barrel near my desk in a glorious stream of orange juice and bits of Apple Jacks. Yes! Just when I thought I was in the clear, I had contracted the dysentery which had been going around my family for a couple weeks. So, I took the rest of the day off. too bad I didn't get that computer virus instead.

For much of the day I made frequent trips to the toilet, expelling all sorts of fun stuff. Eventually my digestive system ran out of material to eject. I tell ya -- with stomach bugs like that, it's a war of attrition, and thankfully I don't usually have a large appetite. I ate a couple light things last night and drank a lot of ginger ale, the classic panacea. By the end of the day I had lost more than 5 pounds, I think.

This morning I weighed even less, but I'm going to defeat this thing one way or another. I had a couple pieces of raisin bread at 12 and an oatmeal cookie at 6. If my starvation techniques don't get rid of the virus, hopefully my tapeworm will. It's a good sign that I haven't hit the toilet yet today.

well, that's my latest sickness story.