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here in my car

At long last I have a car! I'm dancing a jig as I write this. Of course, I can't use it yet because it's not registered or insured, but that doesn't stop me from sitting in the driver's seat making noises and listening to the radio..... I was supposed to do something else today.....I forget.

I am tireddddd

After some photographing and walking with Judy, the silly photo class, and a very long, messy party at Lizzie's, I got maybe 5 hours of sleep. Then I headed out to meet Jessika for more shooting. bang bang. look out. It was pretty fun, and she is really cool -- not intimidating like I may have expected. I developed the film, and the negatives look good. I'm anxious to print them. There might not be much on my fancy-lad roll of professional Fuji NPH, however. I hope there's at least something good on it -- at least those lovely green eyes...... now, sleep

car + job = good

So I didn't get that job at Andover Photo. They found someone with more experience. The search continues...... Soon I should have a car, and I'm very thankful for the generosity of the Beck clan (until the car explodes, that is) because it was a pretty good deal. Insurance will be another matter though.... With any luck, I'll try my hand at photographing a model(or aspiring model. good enough) tomorrow. I'm crossing my fingers that everything works out. For now, I'm going to try to take some pictures of this incoming snow. but it's cold outside. waaaaaa!

something old

December 12, 2001 The floor looks like marble. She reads a book as if nothing else in the world mattered. He reads the local rag, wearing a fuzzy red cap and coke-bottle glasses. He tells a story to a semi-interested young lady. Noble red golf-hat and an African accent? What is he writing? Oh, nothing special. A faint smile. Wide eyes -- toying with me.