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It's Dull

I'm about ready to trash my six string bass. This thing has no character, no personality. It's a bore to play. My $180 4 string with frets removed sounds better to my ears than this $600 behemoth. I think the fact that it isn't made out of real wood gives it a sterile, boring sound.
Hopefully I'll be able to sell it to a good home and use the money toward an upright bass. I had so much fun playing the cello that I'm sure I'd have even more fun on an instrument tuned in 4th's rather than 5th's. Then I can take my show on the road......excellent.


Woody the Woodpecker went to work outside my window today at 6:00AM.
Spring is here....

Taxes are for the birds

Well I just finished filing my taxes for the first time...or at least I think I finished. Actually, I might have to send something in. Arg...filling out the forms was easy enough on the Internet, but the "filing" part is trickier since I have to sign something and send it in. But I'm not sure what I have to mail. Bah. Who needs taxes anyway?

It looks like I'll get a nice refund which I'll then use to buy 400 tacos at Taco Bell. I checked the box to send $1 to the Massachusetts Clean Election Fund. I think that will be spent on babysitters for politicians' kids. Yay.

Spam, Spam, Spam, Baked Beans, Spam, Spam, Spam, and Spam!

Lately I've been setting up a qmail mail server at work to replace an aging Mac running Eudora. The server routes and delivers much of the company's mail, and I have to say, I've never seen so much spam in my life! I haven't done any statistics yet, but I'd estimate that the company receives nearly 5,000 spam emails every day. 3,000 of those are to users who don't exist. Unfortunately, for now, I have the job of sorting through those for any legitimate messages (spelling mistakes, etc). What I've learned so far is that spammers think that by sending 50 copies of the same message, people will be forced to realize that their penis needs enlarging, horny housewives are waiting for them, and now is the best time to refinance their mortgage. Something tells me most spammers didn't take any classes in advertising. If ever there was a case for Social Darwinism, this is it.

Break Dancing In The Streets

While looters in Baghdad participate in jubilant anarchy, robbing hospitals of their lightbulbs and incubators, burning down government offices and embassies, attempting to pillage orphanages, and stealing 5000 year old artifacts from the National Museum of Iraq, it's good to know that the Ministry of Oil is well protected. By the way, this war isn't about oil....

Among the thousands of people who protested yesterday comes this picture from outside a KFC in Pakistan:
Kentucky Fried Protester
(AP Photo/B.K.Bangash)
I'm glad that if I ever go to Pakistan I'll be able to have a bucket of extra crispy Kentucky-style chicken. Thanks, globalization!