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Move over, junk! There's a new purchase in town!

mac mini
quality picture, eh?

I knew I was destined to own a Mac mini when I first learned of their creation. By harnessing the power of Thor's hammer, St.Damien's beard, and an IRS refund check, I took the Apple Store by surprise, penetrated their feeble reality distortion field and purchased the cheapest Mac mini available.

I enjoy shopping at Apple Stores -- the salespeople make me feel like an innocent child again. Never mind that I can program circles around the rosy-cheeked sales-drones or intellectually kickbox the so-called "geniuses" dressed in black; as long as I'm a customer, I'm just a babe in the woods to them. For instance, when I expressed concern that the mini's laptop hard-drive might not be reliable enough to keep running 24/7, the kind man informed me that hard-drives are mechanical devices that may fail sometimes. Thanks! I had no idea. And even though I mentioned that I have my own server at home, he still tried to sell me a .Mac account so that I could transfer all my important files (by the way, you can imagine that a "file" is like a piece of paper [and by paper I mean a flat substance {and by substance, I mean "thing"} made of ground up tree pulp] that you store in a great big box: i.e. a computer) across the country for safe keeping.

I didn't buy any extra garbage, but I'll buy more RAM tomorrow from some place cheap and attempt installation on my own (if I fail, I'll be sure to return to the "genius bar" to have my diaper changed). Then I can connect the brand new drive that I bought a while ago and start cleaning out all the extra cruft that I've accumulated on my old computer.

That's my story. Now I have a sleek-looking, designed-in-stylish-California toaster oven, and you don't! Get with the Joneses, yo.

and so it goes

skybar stage
last chance to dance trance with TWC?

The Skybar gig went well, I think. Since my amp was flush against the wall, it was booming and hard to tell what I was playing. I hope it sounded better in the crowd.

I don't know if it's the last show i'll play. I did meet a really good singer/songwriter with whom I might collaborate someday. I'm just playing it by ear, lately.

I also met two, too interesting sisters. (oh, I'm so witty.) I hope to be employed as part-time volunteer paparazzo for lee lee's adventures:

lee lee

Aside from a few confusing or awkward moments, I had a great night.

Oh, and The Motorcycle Diaries is the longest movie ever made...something like 8 hours, or so it seemed. And I still don't know what it's about.


Well, I applied for either of the photographer openings at work. I don't mind whether it's part time of full time. If I had any opportunity at all, I'd be grateful. I wasn't satisfied with the "portfolio" I threw together or my meager resumé, but what's done is done. With luck, if Marc hasn't already picked someone and grants me an interview, I will try to convey my obsession in person. A piece of paper with bullet points doesn't say much.

I was thinking that if I got the job, it'd be very challenging for me...much more so than my current job. I don't currently have to think creatively and quickly on my feet. If I can't finish something today, I can do it tomorrow. With photography, it's a different story. And I wonder if I can hack it.

Of course, I must be able to do it. I have no choice. There's no turning back. I will get the job...if not this time, then next time, and maybe someplace else.

Yeah, way to go, Dave! motivate, motivate! and so on and so forth...


Boy, if I got a PJ job (even at the same company), it'd be the happiest day of my life. hmm, I shouldn't think about it.

tax dollars at work

A Lawrence DPW plow driver was arrested earlier this evening on Congress St. for possession of marijuana. While driving up the one-way road, he hit a car driving down the street. When asked if he had any marijuana or alcohol in the truck, the driver said, "I hope not!" An officer told me the worker had been with the city for 27 years. It's good to know that the snow removal budget is being wisely spent.

DPW driver being arrested

DPW driver being arrested

police transport arrested DPW driver

go to bed

I should be sleeping by now. I'm not that tired. I've been thinking about things, again and again. There's a lot of stuff but not enough time right now.

the short story: having no friends sometimes makes me sad. driving around town by myself is getting old.