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sparse updates

I haven't updated in a while, but here is a picture I took tonight as part of my self portrait project for class. (the end result will be different...)
I'll scan some more recent stuff later. The last time I was in the darkroom, I forgot to check out a graduate, so I used my trusty EMS mug to measure the developer. Well, I just drank out of it (after rinsing it out, of course), and I don't feel any ill effects yet. But just in case I die soon, it was probably the developer....unless I get hit by a bus.

wow. it's late

Everyday, I go to bed a little later and wake up a little later. This has got to stop. I talked to my aunt from Florida today. It's been quite a while. In an email, she says:
Sometimes people do what they are good at to make money so at a future date they can pursue the things they like. I hope you quit your job because of transportation not just because you didn't feel like doing it anymore. See when you reach a certain age you have to be responsible for yourself. Do you really think I wake up everyday and say Great I am going to the Bank today!!  Not really. I am good at my job but it is not my passion.
I suppose there are things I'm good at that I could do for the time being. must look into those things... In another note, I think I have a "crush" on a girl at NESOP. She told me her name and I told her mine. She is such a knockout...But how could I even approach her? Me, a lowly workshop student, and she, an ultra-hot full-timer (she mentioned that she shoots nudes. interesting....). *Sigh* I hope she's there on saturday when I go to print. *giddy laughter*

first time voter

I voted yesterday. yay. I voted to remove the income tax, but apparently my vote was not enough. OK, so there are approximately 70,207 people in Lawrence. there are 25,941 registered voters According to 11,363 Lawrencians voted for governor. That makes 16% of the population. 16% of the population determining who will govern 100% of the citizens. That's sad.

messed up

I'm stuck in some kind of whacky sleep cycle. I need to get into a normal routine. For this latest photo assignment, I was thinking of photographing myself crying. It might just work.