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only in lawrence

The possibly-homeless man without a tongue who wanders South Lawrence and watches high school track meets has moved into the 21st century: today he was talking on a cellphone while aimlessly wandering down the street.

Keep in mind that he has no tongue. And he was talking on a cellphone...

rip off

$60 for an oil change?! Every time I need to change the oil, I say I'll do it myself but never get around to it. Unlike the Camry, I need to put the Civic on ramps to access the oil filter, and that always makes me uneasy. I imagine the car squishing me as I'm under it.

Because I think saving about $50 is worth more than the threat of death, I'll probably change the oil myself next time.


I'm staying home today because of this blasted cold. Normally I'd probably go to work anyway, but what's the point if I'm going to feel like crap? I might as well use those sick days.

I'll be at home, trying to sleep and stressing out about other things in my life...

soggy and rather groggy

The changing weather along with some Spring cleaning in my room have given me a lovely cold/fever. I have a farily massive headache, and my face hurts (I know, I know -- it hurts you just to look at it!). I don't have much energy to speak, read, or do anything more than vegetate right now.